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New Blog Design and Quick Update

Did I forget to mention that we have our certificate of occupancy? We'll we've had it for three weeks now. I've been busy getting settled in to a new office and trying to find all my stuff.

More to Come.

New Pictures

Jesus said "You will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, in all Judea and Samaria, and even to the uttermost parts of the earth." With modern technology (Google Maps Distance Measuring Tool) we can now easily measure what is physically the farthest point on the globe from Jerusalem. Turns out it is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean south of the Cook Islands. With a little work it seems to me the farthest point is 12,444 miles away from Jerusalem.

Also, there are new pictures of the NorthStar Church Build at

Building Update

The building is going up so fast, I haven't even had time to
update! I'll go get some current pictures and post them soon. Until then
I can let you know that volunteers from North Carolina are putting
sheet rock up inside, and the siding is going up outside. This is only
our 5th volunteer team and we have 9 more groups coming to work.
We are still praying for God to continue to provide the resources
for the completion of this project. This year we have already raised
over $46,000 dollars for the building fund. I am praying that God will
provide an additional $54,000 by the end of the build, and that we will
have unexpected savings on material, labor, and permits. I admit that
both of those things would be miracles. But how exciting it would be for
God to bless us with a new building debt free!
Please be in prayer for our church as we push through this project
during the busiest time of year for most families. Summer is usually
when people choose to travel and enjoy all there is…

The Latest

There's a lot going on. First, two quick links.
You can read the latest update on our church building project at can follow us on Facebook.I'm just back from spending a week in Mississippi visiting my family and helping my grandfather celebrate his 90th birthday. This time just my 15-month-old son and I made the trip, and it went pretty good. The little guy turned out to be a good traveling buddy and was pretty patient with the pains of air travel. He sure did earn us a lot of smiles walking through the airport.

Make sure to follow those links and subscribe in whatever way you wish so you can know how best to be praying for us. As this project continues we are sure to face more and more resistance. So please pray for endurance for our church and its leaders as we raise the remaining funds, host volunteers, and ADVANCE THE CHURCH!

Praise Report

NorthStar has been approved for a loan to cover the construction of a new building! If you've been following our story you know that this has been a long time coming, and it is a major blessing. This means that construction can begin (barring any surprise setbacks) in a week or two. This means that volunteer teams that are planning on arriving in early May will actually have something to work on. This means that we could be worshiping in our new building by September...of THIS YEAR!

Our church decided to seek this loan as a means of making the best use of volunteer labor to accomplish this build quickly and cheaply without delays due to a lack of cash. Our desire is to raise as much of the construction costs as possible before construction is complete, thus avoiding a large mortgage. When construction is complete we plan to move out of our rented facility as quickly as possible so that our lease expenses can go to cover any remaining monthly payments from the loan. As you can imagi…

Acts 1 part 3: An Angel's Blog

When I am preparing for a sermon I sometimes just start writing speculative essays to get the creative juices flowing. I thought I would share this along with the previous two posts. Thanks for indulging me. Perhaps it will inspire you to write some of your own...
ANGEL BLOGBy now you’ve probably heard about the terrestrial events from yesterday. Most of you have been busy with HIS reception and the establishment of the Holy Ministry of the Light.When you get a chance you should catch up on the story of HIS exodus from the earth. You can get a good play-by-play from Lucious’ post from last night. We both had a ring-side seat, and even got to be a part of the action.I won’t retell the story, but I would like to give my thoughts on what happened. Of course, all of us knew part of the story before it happened. We’ve been gazing at it for all of eternity. But what we didn’t get to know until now is what part the humans would really play in all of this. What amazing creatures the Father has…

Acts 1 part 2: Eisegesis

Maybe this is how the meeting went before they got to Acts 1:8...

“Ok, friends, there are a few more things I need to share with you. I noticed some of you came prepared to be here a while. That’s good. I want you to stay in the city until you receive what’s coming. Don’t look at me like that. I’ve explained everything before. Its the gift from the Father that I spoke of. John baptized with water, but you will be baptized with the Holy Spirit not many days from now. What I have to say is very important so could some of you lads go tell the latecomers to hurry
it up! While we wait let’s sing!
Andrew, Peter, nice of you to join us. Peter! Your beard looks beautiful today. Thanks for washing up for the occasion.”
“My beard is not nearly as clean as you have made my heart, My Lord. If you’ll permit, before you speak on, some of the brothers have a question.”

“When have I ever denied the curious? Indeed, I am so amazed by the refreshed appearance of your groomed visage I could watch you …

Acts 1

If they'd had text messaging in the first century...

Ptr: Big Mtg @ Zchra’s house 4 lunch tomorrow
Andrew: What’s up?Ptr: Not sure, but everybody’s gonna be there. He’s got something major to share.
Andrew: Its about time. Everything’s turned out better than expected, but what now?Ptr: I’ve got a weird feeling. He’s been “finishing” things again if you know what I mean.
Andrew: You mean like before Jerusalem? What do you think he’s planning?
Ptr: I can’t get a thing out of him, but it seems like he’s been preparing us for something. He’s been asking me some weird questions ever since the day on the beach.Andrew: I’ll never forget that breakfast! What kind of questions?
Ptr: He keeps asking me if I remember the things he did. He want’s me to retell the same stories over and over again. Its almost like he doesn’t remember.Andrew: Weird. Maybe he doesn’t want you to forget. He introduced me to some new believers as, “Pastor Andrew”. last night.
Ptr: He’s been doing that to me too. Makes me …

Not Another Statistics Post

According to the 2000 Census for the cities of Coeur d'Alene, Post Falls, and Hayden combined there were:
1,790 Single Moms1,326 Households living below the poverty line5,833 Households of married couples living with children2,433 Seniors 65+ living alone6,138 Divorced (661 Separated)423 Grandparents caring for their grandkidsAccording to another report there are 644 homeless people in our county.

In contemplating Christ's command to "love your neighbor" I've been doing a little research to better understand who my neighbors are. I know these statistics don't really tell me who these people around me are, but it is a place to start when I pray for my community. Instead of just praying, "Lord help all those people out there," I can pray for the 1,790 single moms who I know are facing difficult daily issues or the 2,433 seniors or live their days without much human contact.

Please join me in praying for our community.

What are we doing here?

Report problems to
Coeur d’Alene Idaho is the largest city in the North Idaho Panhandle. Its cultural influence extends north into Canada, east into Montana, and south to Moscow and beyond. It is in some ways connected with Spokane, Washington, but maintains its own distinct culture and feeling of community.

Coeur d’Alene along with adjacent towns (Dalton Gardens, Hayden and Post Falls) has been a major population growth area. With this explosive growth there has also been some addition in the number and size of some churches. However, Southern Baptists are sparsely represented. There is one other SBC church in Coeur d’Alene and one in Post Falls. There are currently no Southern Baptist churches in Hayden where we are planning to build and relocate. The spiritual climate of the area is one that for many people may include some church attendance, but there is often a lack of commitment in the form of church membership, tithing, or serving in the church. Also, becaus…

Apartment Ministry

We've been praying and seeking ways to minister to some of the thousands of people in multifamily housing in our area. It hasn't taken long for us to get connected to an apartment complex where one of our members lives. Our ladies took the first step by hosting a Christmas party for the residents. Now or men are hosting a Super Bowl party. As a result of organizing these events I've now met all of the apt. management staff (I think) and built a good working relationship with them. They are great people and seem to like us!

After initiating this work I was surprised to find out that a man and his wife had been praying for a church to reach out to these apartments! God has already been paving the way for us and perhaps been waiting for us to follow his direction for a while now. In any case, our next step is to start a Bible study for ladies meeting in the apt. club room. Assuming no problems it will begin next Thursday.

Please pray for a continued good relationship with the s…

Ladies Ministry (follow-up)

In my last post a few minutes ago I referenced the efforts of the
Women's ministry at our church.  I praise God for a group of women in our church who
have followed God's calling on them to minister to the hearts of women.

When planning 2010's Ladies Christmas party our Women's Leadership team had a problem.  They realized they had become too successful.  After a few years of great Christmas parties that were very well attended and memorable, they were yearning to do something that wasn't "all about us."  Someone suggested the simple idea of hosting the party away from the church and doing it in a way that could benefit some ladies outside the church.  What a revolutionary idea!  My wife asked me what I thought about them having the party at a nearby apartment complex.  I thought it was a great idea in theory, but I had my doubts about the possibility of it.

Showing uncharacteristic optimism I went to the apt. management office to ask for permission to have…

Catch Up

Whoa!  Over a month since I've updated.  As a result, I'll just give you some random summaries.

The building process is currently delayed while we put in the work to discover the possibility of getting a loan should we decide to get one.  We have found that it is very difficult to get approved for a construction loan if you have already begun construction.  Good to know.  Fortunately, the weather seems to be keeping the door open for us to begin once we have the approvals, permits, etc. we need. 

Also we have received some outside support for our building project.  In fact we've received more than $4,000 from donors whom we have never met!  This is very encouraging for our church to know that others are willing to support the work we are doing here.  Now all we need is another $246,000!  Actually, the final figure for our estimated need has not come in yet.  We have estimates from $150,000 to over $300,000.  We hope to have a more precise figure soon. In any case we are gra…