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I got garbage on my shoe

This weekend went great. I think I personally put in 35-40 hours directly related to the Ironman in the last six days. I'm about worn out. Everything went wonderfully. We will soon be posting pictures. We had over 40 people from our church volunteer in different activities. That's about half of our "active membership". I guess you could say that is 100% of our active membership, but I know there were some out of town or working.

More later.

All up in the mix

We are pretty busy this weekend helping with IronmanCoeurd'Alene.
Tomorrow Scott Rigsby will be the first double amputee to attempt a full Ironmantriathlon.

The new course is hilly and the weather might be wet. Scott spoke at the Iron Prayer service we helped host Friday night. He is truly an inspiration.

we've been here for 1 year

my best friend amanda came to visit us for a week. we took her to see all of the idaho sites. she spoke at northstar on sunday morning and shared about the amazing things she saw God do while serving in East Asia for 2 years.

it had been over a year since we had really spent quality time together, but it seemed like we picked up right where we had left off. right now she lives in Fort Worth, goes to seminary, and teaches English to refugees. having her here just reminded me what a gift and blessing true friendship is.

we have 2 church planting interns from the great state of MS with us this summer. they are also seminary students at Southeastern. we drink sweet tea with them when we get homesick.

Warfare: Physical, spiritual, technological...

So today's subject is warfare. It is all around us.

My brother-in-law has shipped out for some training before he goes back to serve in Iraq. Please keep in in your prayers.

At NorthStar we have been preaching on spiritual warfare. I guess this Sunday will be the 5th and last Sermon on the topic.

Scott left on two-weeks of vacation last week. The day he left we discovered two of our computers had "gone out" as they say. One of them is the one we use for our Power Point. The other one is the one we use for financials, enrollment, running the coppier, and various other office functions. As you can imagine this is a huge problem for us. We are currently working on recovering the memory from the hard drive!

Needless to say, we need your prayers.