we've been here for 1 year

my best friend amanda came to visit us for a week. we took her to see all of the idaho sites. she spoke at northstar on sunday morning and shared about the amazing things she saw God do while serving in East Asia for 2 years.

it had been over a year since we had really spent quality time together, but it seemed like we picked up right where we had left off. right now she lives in Fort Worth, goes to seminary, and teaches English to refugees. having her here just reminded me what a gift and blessing true friendship is.

we have 2 church planting interns from the great state of MS with us this summer. they are also seminary students at Southeastern. we drink sweet tea with them when we get homesick.


  1. Okay, so it wasn't really as dark as the picture makes it out to be. The baby in the background (to the right in the pink stroller) is totally safe.

  2. It's like june and you guys are still wearing coats? Are you sure you are in Idaho and not Canada?

  3. dude! i want to be an intern next summer!!! im in upstate NY doing church planting stuff. I came with SWBTS.


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