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NorthStar men have been helping to sheet rock a sister church in Rose Lake, ID.  They've worked three Saturdays and hope to finish in another couple of weeks.  Please pray for our guys as we finish up helping this North Idaho church.  Also pray for Cross Roads Baptist Church and Pastor Joe Masterson, as they finish up their building project and work on reaching people in the Silver Valley.

NorthStar still meets in a rented building that is a great blessing to us.  It is not, however, where most of the church envisions being forever.  We have property in a great area that was given to us for the purpose of building a church building.  We have quite a bit of money saved, but we are still far from having all we need.  There are a lot of opinions about what needs to happen.  There are also some fears about the future of our church.  So on one hand there is great possibility.  On the other there is a lot to worry about.

Please pray that it will become clear to us what we should do, and i…

OH yeah, we have a blog

I know its cliche to say it, but we have been very busy for the last month!  Sorry if you've been waiting with baited breath for this post, but now it is here.

We did have a rough couple of weeks at the church.  If you are interested in details email me or call me, and I'll explain it the best I can.  What I would like to share here without any doubt is that God is good and in control.  He has shown that he can use any situation to glorify himself and has been active in the least likely of places.

For now Tom and I are leading as the pastors of NorthStar.  This means that I will be preaching most Sundays and the church has some decisions to make about its future.  For now we are focusing on the next few weeks as everyone re-evaluates who we are as a church.

For Easter we are planning a special service that will be a reminder of what it might have been like to worship in the first century church.  We are still working out the details, but my hope is that it will be a very special …