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May Showers

Bennett: It has been flooding here. I know it is not the best
picture, but that picnic table used to be about 30 feet from the
water's edge. One of the largest snow amounts in history combined with
a fast melt-off has caused all of our rivers lakes and streams to swell
and over flow. They say there hasn't been flooding like this since
back in 1997. That's not that long ago is it? That's when I graduated
high school.

May has been a busy month. We've had mother's day and communion,
and we're gearing up for summer time. Our pastor search team is
diligently seeking the man God would have lead our church and I have
been preaching about the Life of Jesus. Good subject, don't you think?

We're trying something new for NorthStar this summer. We're having Dinner and Prayer
each Wednesday night. That's where we'll come together for an evening
meal then have a prayer service to lift up our church, our community,
our nation, and our world. I don&#…

39 days to go

photos by tiffany

Change in the weather

The weather is finally good. And by "good" I mean AMAZING. The snow can still be seen on the mountains surrounding us, but the memory of it down in the valley has all melted away. Everything is green, pink, white, and yellow. People are walking out into their yards squinting up at the sun wondering if it really is safe to come outside in shorts yet.

There was a time when it was hard to imagine it ever being warm or sunny here. When there are five feet of snow in your yard it is difficult to see yourself washing your truck in your driveway barefoot.

But now that the SUN has come all the darkness fades away like a dream upon waking. In fact when I look back at my doubts about winter never coming to an end I have to laugh at myself. Of course summer is coming. How could I have ever thought other wise? The dread I felt at facing more days of shivering snow seems like nothing in comparison to the joy I feel at the sun and warmth of spring.

That's how "good things&q…


The Evangelical Manifesto came out today. If you are interested in such things I think you should read it.

8th Month