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This week Jana, Fondra and I are at the Global Impact Celebration of Shades Mountain Baptist church in Birmingham, Alabama. This is the same event Tom and I went to last year. I mentioned it in March last year.

It is hard to know what to describe. For now take a look at the church's 2010 vision.

In summary...
"At SMBC, our vision as a church is that by the year 2010, we will have: • Performed mission work in all 50 states
• Planted at least one church in Canada
• Planted at least five churches in the United States
• Sent missionaries from SMBC to all 24 time zones
• Planted churches in all 11 International Mission Board regions"Bubbles is a hit at the expo

OK, back to the ministry

I know a few of you are interested in the work we are doing here and not just babies and snowfall amounts. So here's an update on what the heck we're doing here.

I have been filling the pulpit (its actually a music stand) since our pastor left in December. I've preached several sermons from Hebrews and enjoy the challenge of preparing sermons week after week. The church has been very encouraging to me and has thus far ignored my faults and shortcomings. It is a great time of growth and learning for me personally.

Jana has been working closely with our unofficial women's ministry team. They are planing monthly fellowships and prayer times for our ladies. They are also organizing a women's bible study that has been meeting on Sunday mornings. They are very excited about a missions project they are leading. For Easter they are hosting an egg hunt for The Children's Village. About 20 kids who live in foster care will come and learn about the resurrection sto…

Guess the body part

First an easy one

A little harder

The secret here is figuring out which way is up.

The first glamor shot.

baby sanderson

Baby is a she according to our ultrasound lady yesterday. It has been an exciting week. I started to feel her move- or more like feeling a bubble rolling around in my belly. The doctor said everything was right on schedule. Trudi- our ultrasound lady said she had good calf muscles too!

I told Bennett that it seems more real after knowing it's a girl and feeling her move around. We are so blessed by this gift God has given us. I started thinking about my mom last night, and I remembered how she would tell me that I was God's child and how I had been given to her for just a short time. We've got an exciting road ahead of us.

So now we just get to choose a name. Any suggestions?

Another snow post

I feel like I only use this blog to tell you all how much snow we've been getting, but hey, winter only comes once a year.

We started getting nervous about all the snow piling up on our old flat roof, so we got about 14 men together to shovel off the church. It was fun. For more pictures go to our church's website