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little blurb from Giglio's Blog- A reminder that this is not our home.

And no one else could ever compare
To You, Lord
All the earth together declares...
Glory in the highest ... to You, Lord.

"Tonight was a little, tiny peak into what that’s all about. And as it unfolded, heaven got bigger. That’s been a theme of my life for the past few years, as glimpses of gatherings on earth declare that heaven blows away anything we have ever dreamed, and the church that is headed there is doing quite well as His anthem spreads around the globe. Of course we have a massive mission before us, but at the front lines God's way is to have the singers of heaven’s song lead into the fray. That song is the down payment on a party that is going to leave us grasping for words and in utter awe. May we never become so enthralled with the puny glimmer of earth and lose sight of forever’s anthem…and heaven’s great and glorious King."

Clarity- an experience in God's Word

Thanks to all who prayed for this weekend. We give God all glory for what took place in the students' and leaders' lives. We all prayed that God would place in their hearts a passion for His Word, and we believe He did just that.

Snowing on Valentine's

That's right. It is gently snowing outside this morning.

We haven't seen the sun in several days now. I can't really remember when it was. Jana "says" she saw it shining in the distance yesterday, but I'm not sure it wasn't a mirage. She said it was down by the lake, and she almost drove straight to the lake to try to find it.

It is strange waking every morning and driving to the church in a thick fog. And sometimes driving home at lunch and in the evening in the same soupy mist. It's pretty cool.

Have a great day, no matter what your meteorlogical conditions!


Please join us on Friday night the 9th in praying for our students.

Next week we are having a Disciple Now weekend focusing on God's word.

Pray that the Holy Scriptures will be the foundation of their lives.


The other day I stepped out on our balcony to see these two kiddos running through the back lawn behind our apartment. The second one (wearing SHORTS and running through the snow) was singing at the top of his lungs, "I can't wait for it to be Summer-time." Me too buddy!

Welcome to February

It's already month two in 2007! Here's some of what's going on.

We are planning and preparing for our biggest youth event yet- Disciple Now 2007. Please be praying for the students and leaders as we go into this event. We've been studying about how the Bible is God's story and how hearing it inevitably changes your life one way or the other. The DNow will be the culmination of this emphasis. The Theme is Clarity: Understanding God's Word. We hope to instill a love and passion for studying and applying the Bible to our lives.

This all happens on Feb. 16-18. Please ask God to work among the hearts and minds of our students and leaders.

Our church has adopted a year-long focus on five areas. The pastor has asked us to do 5 things, "Invest and Invite; Read Your Bible; Have a Friend, Be a Friend; Start Serving; and Do the Next Right Thing." The idea is that if every person in the church is focusing on these areas the church cannot help but grow towa…