little blurb from Giglio's Blog- A reminder that this is not our home.

And no one else could ever compare
To You, Lord
All the earth together declares...
Glory in the highest ... to You, Lord.

"Tonight was a little, tiny peak into what that’s all about. And as it unfolded, heaven got bigger. That’s been a theme of my life for the past few years, as glimpses of gatherings on earth declare that heaven blows away anything we have ever dreamed, and the church that is headed there is doing quite well as His anthem spreads around the globe. Of course we have a massive mission before us, but at the front lines God's way is to have the singers of heaven’s song lead into the fray. That song is the down payment on a party that is going to leave us grasping for words and in utter awe. May we never become so enthralled with the puny glimmer of earth and lose sight of forever’s anthem…and heaven’s great and glorious King."



  1. Hey Jana, I just posted some new photos that I took the other day at the FW Zoo. I know you always enjoyed my pics before so I thought you'd like to know. Take care!

  2. My son, your writing is so beautiful. I am going to use this in a devotion that I have to give tomorrow. Thanks for your words and your work. Mom

  3. OOPS ! I just reread the words are not yours. Oh well I am going to still use them. Thanks for bringing them to my attention. MOM


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