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"You little toot!"

Happy New Year


Yes the picture is real

The new background image is actually one Jana and I took last February on our first ski outing.

I post this in celebration of the six or eight inches of snow I've shoveled out of my driveway already this year.

We Watched It

I really recommend this movie. It is a glimmer of hope for the Christian Film world.

I took out the movie preview because it was slowing down my webpage. You can view it at


For the past year and a half, Jana's and my income has largely come from the support of people outside of our ministry. This comes from a variety of sources. A tiny portion of what every Southern Baptist gives to the Cooperative Program and Annie Armstrong Offering makes it (hopefully!) to us through the North American Mission Board via the Utah/Idaho State convention. We are partially funded by two partner churches. NorthStar Church, where we work, also contributes to our monthly support. The rest of my salary comes from several individuals--friends and family who feel called to be a part of our ministry and what God is doing in North Idaho.

It is interesting. I am working at NorthStar. I am paid by Globe Outreach. My income comes from a plurality of organizations and individuals. It is actually kinda confusing. Or it would be. If I were not in the service of a King whose kingdom extends over all of these different entities.

Our support is not guaranteed. None of our su…