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One Faith, One Baptism

Remember us this week as we as we observe communion. I'm preaching on Christ's Baptism, and I am struck by the connection between these two events. They are both a public testimony to the death and resurrection of Jesus. They have elements that represent life and death. Baptism represents our one-time incorporation into Christ's body. Communion represents our ongoing reliance on his body and his blood to sustain us spiritually.

Idaho gets a B

"Idaho's biggest looming managerial problem may be coping with its success at attracting new citizens. The population has grown from slightly more than 1 million in 1990 to almost 1.5 million today."

According to Idaho gets a B-. Which is pretty good. We live in a state that was pretty satisfied with a lack of government activity until suddenly there were a lot of unexpected visitors and resulting permanent growth.

Can we as the church, the body of Christ, be accused of the same thing? Have we been satisfied for too long with not getting involved with our community? Now that our numbers are slowing will we shrug off our sleepiness and start moving?

Please pray that God will use us in this area of growth to do what Christians should have been doing all along.

NorthStar Extravaganza

Sunday night we had
our first ever NorthStar Extravaganza. No one new our church was so
talented. This was a variety show of sorts. We had Nate and Elena doing
a skit with only their upside down chins showing. We had a group of
ladies recreating the Pirates who Don't Do Anything music
video. We had the advanced musical talents of both Sean and Rochelle
Sydney. Travis, the singer/songwriter, performed two of his originals,
with Tom on keyboard and Sean on drums.

The preschool was well represented by Carson and Caeden singing Jesus Love Me. Then Gayle and Conrad, two of our special needs kids both sang. Gayle sang Row Row Row Your Boat and kept giving her parents a thumbs up with a huge smile! Conrad sang Blessed Be the Name of the Lord. It is hard to explain how touching these two performances were. I guess you'd have to know Gayle and Conrad.

favorite was Fondra's crowd participation. She got four church members
to stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible th…

So you can say you've seen it....

So, I'm making a big deal out of it. So sew me.

Its snow on my windshield.


Pray for those in our church who have not yet made a decision to follow Christ. Pray for those who have considered attending our church but still haven't made up their mind.

Mostly, pray for our church. Pray that a desire to know God and make him known will become more than a duty, more than a religious practice, but will become our very passion. Pray that each person who considers themselves members of NorthStar will not be satisfied with casual belief or casual service to our king, but they will count no sacrifice too great to give in holy service to Jesus' Kingdom of Heaven. Pray that we who lead will not fear the evil one, that will not compromise the vision God gives us, that we will be pure and free from all sin. Please pray.

Another snow picture

This picture was actually taken yesterday in bright sunshine. It was snowing at the time. Funny how when you look directly at the sun everything else seems dark in comparison. Doug, one of the elders at our church likes to end his conversations with the phrase, "keep you eye on the Son!" Please pray that those who are so used to the darkness that they think it is light will encounter the true light that brings hope to all mankind.

What do April Snow showers bring?


a few things you might not know about my husband

he preaches using the notes on his i phone

when i'm gone for the weekend he eats marshmellows, granola, and peanut butter (that's all!)

he still fits in his tux from college band and wore it tonight to church

he makes me very proud to be his wife

I have to tell you

I hate to complain or beat a dying horse. But I have to report to you that I woke up this morning with three more inches of snow in my yard. That's right, it is April 15 and we have snow. The painful thing about this is that we had two or three days of spring weather then BAM! its cold. It was so warm on Saturday that I worked up a sweat in the yard just raking up snow mold. SNOW MOLD! It develops when your grass stays cold and wet too long as in when it is covered with snow for 5 straight months.

I don't know where they get their information but reported on March 30:

Spring in North Idaho arrived with more record snow storms. In the Coeur d'Alene area, over 160" of the white stuff has fallen this year breaking the previous record of 124.2" in 1915-1916.

So I'm happy now that we have the record. No more for us thank you. We'll have some more of that nice spring weather if its all the same. That'd be great.

Google's view of our church

You can move the picture around and click the arrows on the map to go up and down the street.

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small piece of you

i've been working in the nursery today and i realized there were some really cute things in there that i should show off to our far away families. my friend carol bought the stuffed moose (since we are in idaho). the precious dress and cute shoes are from my favorite sister. oh and i think jessica gave her the baby uggs and wall decals. i had fun painting the big L when bennett suggested we do a art project last friday night.

gradually we are getting ready for her arrival. but i wonder will we ever really be prepared for this little human that's about to come into our lives. i've been listening lots to sara groves' station wagon c.d. about being a parent- getting a little prepared. and here are lyrics to one of my favorite songs on that c.d.

Small Piece of You I just want a small piece of you
a token to put in my pocket
and I will own that one things
and it would make me happy

I just want a small piece of you
somethin to put in a locket
and i will look at it daily
and …

Winter's Final Blow... We hope

There's no glass in that door. The snow is piled up naturally.

I think Jana's mom gave us this garden ornament
Poor thing must be freezing.

I don't really have an explanation for that hat.

I was trying to "protect this house!"


Things are going smoothly at NorthStar. Our pastor search team is hard at work seeking out our next pastor. Our Life Groups are consistent and even growing in some cases. We have a new baby in the nursery (if you can't increase attendance the traditional way just adopt more children!), and there are more on the way. We are planning for our first ever NorthStar Variety show in a few weeks.

Our building plans continue. We are close to having our final design drawings including electrical, HVAC and all that stuff. There are a few hurdles left before we can actually break ground. One of those hurdles being raising another $500,000 or so. If you win the Publisher's Clearing House Grand Prize please consider us.

I've heard rumors that we have broken the snowfall record going back to like 1902. Of course it is hard to authenticate any of those claims due to changes in recording locations and practices. But we know this is the most snow we've gotten in one winter at l…