Things are going smoothly at NorthStar. Our pastor search team is hard at work seeking out our next pastor. Our Life Groups are consistent and even growing in some cases. We have a new baby in the nursery (if you can't increase attendance the traditional way just adopt more children!), and there are more on the way. We are planning for our first ever NorthStar Variety show in a few weeks.

Our building plans continue. We are close to having our final design drawings including electrical, HVAC and all that stuff. There are a few hurdles left before we can actually break ground. One of those hurdles being raising another $500,000 or so. If you win the Publisher's Clearing House Grand Prize please consider us.

I've heard rumors that we have broken the snowfall record going back to like 1902. Of course it is hard to authenticate any of those claims due to changes in recording locations and practices. But we know this is the most snow we've gotten in one winter at least since 1992 and probably back to the 50's. I wouldn't doubt that its more than 1902. And its still snowing.


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