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Whoo WHooo

I found a really cool site today.

It combines all the things I like. Theology, Philosophy, Technology. Go there...NOW!

Easter Weekend

I pray all of you had a great weekend celebrating the resurrection of our Savior. The women's ministry at the church sponsored and Easter Egg hunt for one of the children's homes in the area on Saturday. Church members donated their time and gave lots of candy and prizes so these 20+ kids could have a fun day and hear about the true meaning of Easter. I was able to share the gospel with over half the kids they brought who were teenagers while Bennett shared with the younger children. Please pray that the love of Christ shown to all of them on Saturday will make an incredible impact on their future.

Sunday morning we had a packed house to celebrate Christ's life. There were so many visitors, and we were really encouraged. Bennett spoke on the Resurrection and barriers to belief. Pray that the unbelievers that were there will make a decision to believe in Jesus very soon.

Yesterday afternoon we were invited over by one of the families in our church for Easter dinner. We are s…

The Snow is normal

The snow is normal now. I was just looking back through some ancient posts on my old blog. (I'm thinking of reviving it)

On 12.06.2005 I made fun of how we thought about snow in Texas.

"They say it might snow. Funny when that happens, people act like the
air is electric. 'They're saying it's going to snow and sleet
tomorrow!' You hear it all day long. Actually, the weather reports I
read say 50% chance of slight snow or ice late in the evening. I'll
believe it when I see it."

It snowed hard all morning today. As I write it is snowing again. Its the second day of spring. No one is too excited about it. Except the skiers I guess.

Baby stuff

Baby shower

The nursery is almost ready

That's an Ab Roller in the background. Don't worry, we haven't been using it.
Our Life Group learns to play Catchphrase

There is a tiny rainbow just to the left of the center of the picture. This is a rare meteorological phenomenon where ice crystals in the clouds for prisms. I forget what its called. I saw this several times this winter. Usually it was much larger, but this is the only pic I got.

I am Spartan

North Idaho has a daily drama in the sky over my house.

Some pictures

"Dead 'til I get's me coffee!"

Notice the kids hanging over the rails holding up signs to cheer for the missionaries!

A clown in church

The Culture

If you are ever going to come to Idaho you may want to study the culture.

The website Stuff White People Like is a good place to start.

Even if you are not coming to Idaho you might find this website hilarious.

Where do I begin?

The Global Impact Celebration at Shades Mountain Baptist Church is kinda like this.

Tuesday night we got picked up at the airport in the church shuttle bus (and were immediately offered drinks and snacks). We arrived at our host home around midnight (and were immediately offered drinks and snacks). We met our host family, the Clarks, and felt instantly at home. Wednesday we checked in at the church (where food and drinks were waiting) and were given a gift bag with little goodies. There we met missionaries from all the dark corners of the world and US.

After checking in and eating lunch they took us to our display area in the worship center. There was a room just for us full of snacks and drinks. That evening we stood by our display table and talked to people about NorthStar and Idaho. The church service that night was the kickoff of GIC. This is a big deal in the life of the church. Many people I talked to said it was their favorite week of the year. We were introduced in a b…