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NorthStar Church

This is where we meet and worship on Sunday mornings. I just thought this picture was cool.

How to Grow a Big Potato

You'll never guess what site comes up in the top three or so when you Google "how to grow a big potato".

Well, since you are here you probably would guess it. I'm sorry that we don't have any information about growing potatoes. I don't know how to do that.

Please pray for us as we plan for our 2007 Disciples Now.
We are really emphasizing a devotion to scripture for the next few months as a church and as a youth group. For the next 5 weeks we are exploring how hearing God speak changes your life. We are looking at examples (strangely enough) from the Bible.

Then our Dnow is focused on the why's and how's of the discipline of scripture study. Most of our youth are young and really ready to start growing in their faith. Pray that they will take this part of their lives seriously.

Our Life Group is studying 1 Peter. We plan to go all the way through 2 Peter. It is going very good. We are currently praying about how God wants us to launch another Lif…

Ministry Update

First, I must tell you that I had a wonderfully written post prepared for you. I was halfway through crafting a witty, insightful missive when we blew the breaker. We don't know why we blew a breaker. It just sometimes kicks off. This happens pretty regularly now. Each time it makes our pastor start grumbling things about getting a new building and our worship pastor wonders when one of us will be electrocuted.

Now, I must tell you that it is 14 degrees Farenheight and it is lightly snowing. But I am inside at a comfortable 67.

Christmas: Part 2

here are some pictures from our trip to see Mom and Floyd. we did a lot of laughing and selling property in Monopoly. Mom also decided to model the converse. isn't she cute?

Happy New Years!

Christmas: Part 2 Coming Soon

Family at the Lake

Opening Presents with Dad

Surprise. A new digital photo frame.

Let's see how do I get into this.

We love playing with our younger cousin's toys.

Out on the town for New Year's.