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Ladies Ministry (follow-up)

In my last post a few minutes ago I referenced the efforts of the
Women's ministry at our church.  I praise God for a group of women in our church who
have followed God's calling on them to minister to the hearts of women.

When planning 2010's Ladies Christmas party our Women's Leadership team had a problem.  They realized they had become too successful.  After a few years of great Christmas parties that were very well attended and memorable, they were yearning to do something that wasn't "all about us."  Someone suggested the simple idea of hosting the party away from the church and doing it in a way that could benefit some ladies outside the church.  What a revolutionary idea!  My wife asked me what I thought about them having the party at a nearby apartment complex.  I thought it was a great idea in theory, but I had my doubts about the possibility of it.

Showing uncharacteristic optimism I went to the apt. management office to ask for permission to have…

Catch Up

Whoa!  Over a month since I've updated.  As a result, I'll just give you some random summaries.

The building process is currently delayed while we put in the work to discover the possibility of getting a loan should we decide to get one.  We have found that it is very difficult to get approved for a construction loan if you have already begun construction.  Good to know.  Fortunately, the weather seems to be keeping the door open for us to begin once we have the approvals, permits, etc. we need. 

Also we have received some outside support for our building project.  In fact we've received more than $4,000 from donors whom we have never met!  This is very encouraging for our church to know that others are willing to support the work we are doing here.  Now all we need is another $246,000!  Actually, the final figure for our estimated need has not come in yet.  We have estimates from $150,000 to over $300,000.  We hope to have a more precise figure soon. In any case we are gra…