Ladies Ministry (follow-up)

In my last post a few minutes ago I referenced the efforts of the
Women's ministry at our church.  I praise God for a group of women in our church who
have followed God's calling on them to minister to the hearts of women.

When planning 2010's Ladies Christmas party our Women's Leadership team had a problem.  They realized they had become too successful.  After a few years of great Christmas parties that were very well attended and memorable, they were yearning to do something that wasn't "all about us."  Someone suggested the simple idea of hosting the party away from the church and doing it in a way that could benefit some ladies outside the church.  What a revolutionary idea!  My wife asked me what I thought about them having the party at a nearby apartment complex.  I thought it was a great idea in theory, but I had my doubts about the possibility of it.

Showing uncharacteristic optimism I went to the apt. management office to ask for permission to have the party.  I was prepared to be met with confusion and ultimately rejection.  To my surprise I was directed to talk with a maintenance manager who was eager to help.  You see, he and his wife had been praying that a church would reach out to the people of this apt. facility!  He started brainstorming how we could do it and said, "This would be so much easier if you had a church member who lived here."

So far I had neglected to tell him that we did indeed have a lady living at the apartments and that was the reason we had chosen those particular apartments.  With this revelation the problem was solved.  Residents can host whatever kind of event they want in the club house.

Since that Christmas party the door has been opened for future ministry at the apartments.  The men are going to host a Super Bowl party and the ladies are even planning to host a weekly Bible study right in the club house!

The Still Conference
Another huge thing going on with women's ministry at NSC is the Still conference.  We are hosting a one-day conference for women in the area.  Last I heard, over 40 women are planning to attend.  God is showing us again and again that there is no limit to what He can accomplish when we are willing to let him lead us.  Please be in prayer for NorthStar, this women's conference and the future of ministry here in North Idaho.


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