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Whoa!  Over a month since I've updated.  As a result, I'll just give you some random summaries.

The building process is currently delayed while we put in the work to discover the possibility of getting a loan should we decide to get one.  We have found that it is very difficult to get approved for a construction loan if you have already begun construction.  Good to know.  Fortunately, the weather seems to be keeping the door open for us to begin once we have the approvals, permits, etc. we need. 

Also we have received some outside support for our building project.  In fact we've received more than $4,000 from donors whom we have never met!  This is very encouraging for our church to know that others are willing to support the work we are doing here.  Now all we need is another $246,000!  Actually, the final figure for our estimated need has not come in yet.  We have estimates from $150,000 to over $300,000.  We hope to have a more precise figure soon. In any case we are grateful for any help we get.

Part of the reason we would like to get started soon on the initial building phase is that there are teams planning to come this summer and finish the build. If you are interested in sending a team go to  There are six open weeks left, but your team may be able to come at the same time as other smaller teams. More info is available on that website.

The church is doing well. I have just begun a series of sermons summarizing some of the major doctrines of the church.  We have three adult small groups meeting and one student small group.  Our ladies are very active.  So much so that I will write a follow-up post dedicated solely to the recent efforts of the women of NorthStar.  So stay tuned.

In looking at the demographic information needed for some of our loan work, we discovered a few very interesting things.  One, was that 28% of the people attending NorthStar are aged 12 or younger.  Now, we are a small church so that amounts to 19 people from 0-12 years old, but still that is a lot of kids for our congregation!  Another interesting discovery that at least 90% of our families who are members are regular contributors.  I don't know if this is above average or not, but I'd say its not bad for a church with some families on fixed incomes or limited incomes due to unemployment.

How you can be praying for us:
  • Pray that we will be able to connect with and invite new families and individuals to come to our church.
  • Pray that a culture of discipleship will be established in our church.
  • Pray that we can find ways to minister to the many children in our church.
  • Pray that our building and financial process will go more smoothly than could be expected.
  • Pray for Bennett (pastor) and Tom (worship pastor) and their families.


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