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Summer Happenings

Well, now that the hubaloo over the baby's birth is dying down a modicum, I wanted to let you know some other things that have been happening.

The Magees were able to go to Equip Conference where they gathered together with people from all over Utah and Idaho to learn about new ways of doing church. They also detoured on their way home for some much-needed family vacation time.

As a result I had the opportunity to lead worship at NorthStar. Not necessarily in my comfort zone, but God seems to enjoy constantly challenging me in a variety of areas. I recruited one of our youth to help me, and we had a great time.

This past week NorthStar provided a Back Yard Bible Club for the local Children's Village. The Children's village is a transitional home for children in foster care. This is a first for us. Everything went very well. We didn't have a large number of children, but they were very appreciative of the love we showed them. It was clear each day, especially the l…


I've revamped my old blog and put a bunch of new pictures on it. So please take a moment to check out, bookmark or subscribe to iJustbennett.

What next?

For a long time its been hard to plan anything knowing that we would soon be having a baby. It is hard to commit to things before you know how available you will be. We are still figuring it out.

The same is true for our church being without a pastor. How can we in leadership ask our people to commit to a vision that we know might be changed by our future pastor? The truth is we can, but we want to do it right. I'm learning more and more what a critical time this is for NorthStar Church. I feel much less than ready to help lead through this time, but I know that is what God has called me to do.

So summer is halfway done with no pastor in sight. Please pray for Tom and I as we figure out how to lead the church forward in the coming months. Along the way please pray that we find time to enjoy some of the greatest weather in the world while it lasts. That sounds like a joke, but seriously, pray that Summer would be a refreshing and enjoyable time with our families and friend…

Problems fixed, I hope

I accidentally tried to link to some pictures in my gmail account. Rookie mistake. Hopefully all of you can see all of the pics now. Thanks for your patience.

Some more...

Jana deals with labor in her own special way...

Welcome to the world

The money shot

We are Home

Here are the much anticipated pictures...

more to come...

We're inducing.

We are in the hospital inducing labor. We've been here 4 hours with
nothing major to report

June 22 sermon

visit from moma sue

that's roast, broccoli casserole and mashed potatoes. my mom's been here for a week now, and bennett and i are eating really well.

this picture was taken last week on l's due date. the family that took the picture for us asked me when i was due. i responded "today!"

my cute moma posing on the side of the interstate.

she thinks our soil is like digging into the side walk.

No, not yet

Jana is still pregnant. We're two days past the due date and counting. Jana's mom is here and everything is ready. We're just waiting for baby to decide its time.