What next?

For a long time its been hard to plan anything knowing that we would soon be having a baby. It is hard to commit to things before you know how available you will be. We are still figuring it out.

The same is true for our church being without a pastor. How can we in leadership ask our people to commit to a vision that we know might be changed by our future pastor? The truth is we can, but we want to do it right. I'm learning more and more what a critical time this is for NorthStar Church. I feel much less than ready to help lead through this time, but I know that is what God has called me to do.

So summer is halfway done with no pastor in sight. Please pray for Tom and I as we figure out how to lead the church forward in the coming months. Along the way please pray that we find time to enjoy some of the greatest weather in the world while it lasts. That sounds like a joke, but seriously, pray that Summer would be a refreshing and enjoyable time with our families and friends. We need it after the winter we had!


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