My Workspace

You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his desk. See if you can spot the following items:

  • Thick academic looking books to make me feel smart
  • Quirky nose-shaped tissue dispenser
  • USB powered Secret knock candy dispenser I built myself using Arduino technology
  • Ancient clock radio
  • Spare capo just in case someone shows up in my office needing to quickly change keys
  • Books I actually use stacked horizontally on top of books I rarely use
  • Remote for my remotely controlled electrical outlet (completely unnecessary, but everything wireless is better right?)
  • Bag of Skittles to refill candy dispenser
  • Spoon for eating soup at my desk
  • Contigo coffee cup that will keep my coffee warm until about 11:34
  • Powered USB hub with seven  USB connections
  • Wireless Mouse
  • Christmas lights with fade effect
  • 5-year-old laptop still awesome
  • Bluetooth connected speaker streaming Pandora
  • Family pictures
 I also have a mood light I built myself using Picaxe technology. It changes from red to green to blue and it is powered by the USB hub.

So what does this say about me? I love the Bible and superfluous use of technology. Candy, guitar, and family also play important roles in my life. 


  1. Hi Bennett,

    You once said "To make blanket statements calling Mississippi backward, racist, corrupt, etc. has zero value for the progress of its people"

    In that spirit I thought you might enjoy reading this article:


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