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My Workspace

You can tell a lot about a man by looking at his desk. See if you can spot the following items:

Thick academic looking books to make me feel smartQuirky nose-shaped tissue dispenserUSB powered Secret knock candy dispenser I built myself using Arduino technologyAncient clock radioSpare capo just in case someone shows up in my office needing to quickly change keysBooks I actually use stacked horizontally on top of books I rarely useRemote for my remotely controlled electrical outlet (completely unnecessary, but everything wireless is better right?)Bag of Skittles to refill candy dispenserSpoon for eating soup at my deskContigo coffee cup that will keep my coffee warm until about 11:34Powered USB hub with seven  USB connectionsWireless MouseChristmas lights with fade effect5-year-old laptop still awesomeBluetooth connected speaker streaming PandoraFamily pictures  I also have a mood light I built myself using Picaxe technology. It changes from red to green to blue and it is powered by th…

Let's Move Away From Religion

NPR did a story on how More Young People Are Moving Away From Religion. In the piece David Greene asks six "young people" (they're all about my age) about their move away from the religion they were raised with. I think you should go read or listen to the article. If you are not moving away from religion then you should think about why. If your religion is not meaningful or true then it is about time you give it up and look for things that are meaningful and true. My heart is moved toward those in my generation who are seeking answers and not quite getting them. I took the time this morning to consider how I would respond to the concerns of these six people. I share these thoughts now addressed directly to them.:

Thank you all for openly sharing part of your story with the world. I'm offering these responses not to offend or take advantage of your openness but simply to continue the discussion. None of you are alone in your doubts, but not everyone comes to the same …