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About: Jesus in my life

I was recently asked to write down my testimony.  I thought I would share the result with you.

Salvation Testimony
My ancestors identify themselves as Christians as far back as I have been able to research it.  I was born into a Christian family who saw church attendance and moral living as the expected way of life without other options.  My early life provided a spiritual environment where I consistently learned biblical truths mostly through church attendance.  Before I could read I had been taught by my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Mary Smith, to recite a simple Gospel message: “Jesus is God’s son, and He died on the cross to save ME from MY sins.”

So before I knew what sin was exactly (I remember thinking “sins” were tiny black rats that would infest your home) I had a strong confidence that God generally loves us and wants to help us.  When I was 6 and a half years old I was attending a winter revival at our church.  I do not remember who the speaker was or what he was talking about.…


Yes, summer is awesome here.  There are tonnes of stuff to do.  The weather is generally great.  And God doesn't take summers off!

Yesterday was a very good day at church.  We had around 70 people (which is pretty sweet for summertime).  We had returning visitors, new visitors, and guests just passing through.  It is always encouraging when people who are on vacation chose to stop in and worship with us.  One family from Canada was with us this week, and they went out of their way to encourage us and tell us to keep serving faithfully.  Another couple was in town for only three weeks, but they faithfully attended our services and even attended to Sunday morning Bible study.  The returning visitors are very encouraging because it reminds us that we are a part of something special.

Kid's Camp
Last week I was privileged to take part in a Children's summer camp.  A couple of our members were serving as staff for the camp and they couldn't find a worship leader.  So a week and…