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I was recently asked to write down my testimony.  I thought I would share the result with you.

Salvation Testimony
My ancestors identify themselves as Christians as far back as I have been able to research it.  I was born into a Christian family who saw church attendance and moral living as the expected way of life without other options.  My early life provided a spiritual environment where I consistently learned biblical truths mostly through church attendance.  Before I could read I had been taught by my Sunday School teacher, Mrs. Mary Smith, to recite a simple Gospel message: “Jesus is God’s son, and He died on the cross to save ME from MY sins.”That's me in the middle

So before I knew what sin was exactly (I remember thinking “sins” were tiny black rats that would infest your home) I had a strong confidence that God generally loves us and wants to help us.  When I was 6 and a half years old I was attending a winter revival at our church.  I do not remember who the speaker was or what he was talking about.  During the sermon I was contemplating the Gospel message and what exactly sin was.  At that age I had become aware enough of the difference between good and bad, and I knew that a lot of times I decided to do bad.  I finally made the connection that the whole “sin thing” applied to me too.  I was guilty of sinning against God.  I now understand that the Holy Spirit was convicting 6-year-old Bennett of his sin.  At the time I just told my parents after the service that I wanted to “get saved.”  So later that week, I met with the pastor in his office and gave my life to Jesus.  A couple of months later I was baptized by immersion before my church.

Had I not been converted at an early age, I believe I would have grown into a fearful, bitter, sarcastic person.  My natural tendency would have led me to indulgent selfishness and antagonistic intellectual abuse of others.  Practically speaking I would probably be living with my parents, playing video games, addicted to the internet, closed off from deep relationships, spiritually tormented, emotionally dead, and morally bankrupt.

These natural tendencies (SINS!) still rear their ugly head, but Jesus has saved me from them.  They do not define me, and they do not rule my life.  Jesus has given me the power through his blood to fight against them and the will to defeat them daily.  Furthermore, I know my purpose is to worship and glorify God by having a personal relationship with him.  For me, Jesus has removed the shadow of death from my existence and replaced it with abundant life.

Thought about how you can share your story about Jesus in your life?


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