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Uh Oh, I'm a Pastor!

A couple of weeks ago NorthStar Church voted and elected me as lead pastor.

Let that sink in for a minute. Lead pastor? Does God know what He's doing? Those of you who know me, I'm sure, will agree that it is an unexpected play on God's part. I'm 100% sure that my high school guidance counselor would not have picked "Pastor a freshly formed church in North Idaho" as my vocational path. When I first began my path toward vocational ministry, "sr. pastor" was about the last thing I thought about doing.

However, here we are. Sure of God's calling. At peace with his direction. Yet, surprised.

My church members assure me that they know what they are getting into. I doubt any of us really know that at this point! Still, we will move forward in faith, excited about seeing God work around us and through us. I know I have a lot of growing to do. My prayer is that I won't compromise or hold back one thing from God.

About an two hours ago in my …