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From an email from Pastor Scott

Exciting News for
A friend of this ministry has issued a
dollar for dollar match up to
for all money raised in October.
We need you this month!
$10 becomes $20
$100 becomes $200
$5000 becomes $10,000
Tax-deductible gifts can be sent to:
NorthStar Church Building Fund
1602 Appleway Ave.
Coeur d’Alene, Idaho 83814

This is in regards to raising money for the church building fund.  I just wanted to pass along this exiting news.  It is incredible to imagine an individual giving up to $25,000 toward the future ministry of North Star.  That's great!  Maybe by the time YOU visit (I know every one of you is planning to come) we'll be breaking ground on a new church building.

Pray that the Lord will pave the way for us to move forward with the building plans.
More importantly, pray that He will pave the way for the Gospel to move forward in peoples' hearts.

"states i have visited," said jana


Update, by the numbers

September has been a busy month. 

We've had three youth meetings now and averaged about 7.23 youth which is really great.  Most of the group is really young, 6th and 7th graders.  That means we are pretty short on maturity as a group.  But that also means that we have a great opportunity to impact some young Christians at one of the most formative times of thier lives!

We've had two life group meetings in our home.  We've averaged 7.5 people there, and during life group I have consumed an estimated total of 34 chocolate chip cookies.

I've been playing the bass in the church praise band for about 2 months now.

Its been 2 weeks since I heard from the Mormon Missionaries.

The temperature has been as low as 38 degrees already, but today it is in the low 60's.

The church attendence has been around 80 or 90.

I have helped people move 3 times in the past 3  weeks.  All local moves.

Things are going well here. The church is officially 1 year old.  It constituted on September 11, …

wednesday nights at northstar

our first wednesday night went great with the students. we are excited about what God has in store. here are some pictures from the night. we meet in the basement of our church house, and it reminds so much of my youth house growing up.

the summer after i became a Christian i was hanging out with my youth minister and church friends all of the time. one day, probably to get us out of his hair, john (my youth minister) told us to go and get paint SAMPLES from walmart so we could eventually paint the house set aside for youth ministry. instead of getting samples, we purchased the paint on the church account. we were young- i don't have any other excuse.

so i spent that summer painting our youth house with some other friends and with brushes- no rollers. that's why it took us all summer i suppose. community formed in our lives that summer. we became a team, and even though the purchase was a surprise to john, we gained ownership in a ministry that was supposed to be for us.

pray for…

The Visitors

We had our first youth meeting last night and it went very well.  We had 9 young'uns and 5 grow'd up folk.  Thanks for your prayers.

Sheri and Deva came to visit last weekend and were a great encouragement to us.  Here is a word of testimony from Sister Sheri:
"Most of you know that Deva and I went to
Idaho for Labor Day weekend.  It was a     wonderful time of rest and fun
with Jana and Bennett.  It was so very good to see     them again, and very
hard to leave on Monday morning.  While I was there Jana wanted to me
think of ways we could pray for them as I observed there lives. So here they are.... Pray
for their relationship with God to overshadow the everyday ministry
duties in the office.  It is so easy to get caught up in the business
of ministry and paperwork and such, and to neglect your personal walk. 
Please pray they will continually seek God before office work. Pray
for friends and community.  It is hard getting settled into a new
place, especially after leaving somewhere s…

labor day weekend

There are some people that you can have fun with no matter where you are. We are truely blessed to have those type of people in our lives. Labor Day weekend was so great! I didn't realize how much I missed these girls until I put them on the plane Monday morning. God has taught me during the past few years the value of friendship and community. There are people He places in our lives that make us really want to be better- people who challenge us to do more and be right where we are. Thank you so much for coming to see us Sheri and Deva! Thanks for encouraging us to continue the race and live for His name's sake here in North Idaho.