wednesday nights at northstar

our first wednesday night went great with the students. we are excited about what God has in store. here are some pictures from the night. we meet in the basement of our church house, and it reminds so much of my youth house growing up.

the summer after i became a Christian i was hanging out with my youth minister and church friends all of the time. one day, probably to get us out of his hair, john (my youth minister) told us to go and get paint SAMPLES from walmart so we could eventually paint the house set aside for youth ministry. instead of getting samples, we purchased the paint on the church account. we were young- i don't have any other excuse.

so i spent that summer painting our youth house with some other friends and with brushes- no rollers. that's why it took us all summer i suppose. community formed in our lives that summer. we became a team, and even though the purchase was a surprise to john, we gained ownership in a ministry that was supposed to be for us.

pray for unity in the students

pray that they would gain a vision for what God wants to do through the students of CDA


  1. Those kids are youth? They look like babies! Man!!! That makes me feel so old.

  2. Long ago YOuth involvement at church was important to me. In small town of Ashland that and school was all we had. Keep up the good work. Mom

  3. i agree with sheri. we got our wedding video yesterday. we loved it :) thanks. maybe you could send us the tapes? and i can get luke to put it on a dvd. love yall!

  4. Youth is the best and worst of every world. it is such a roller coaster, but i love it. looks as if you are off to a great start!! this is the best time to make those lasting impressions!!!

  5. how great...thanks for sharing these pictures. :-) You guys will be so excellent with that ministry.


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