labor day weekend

There are some people that you can have fun with no matter where you are. We are truely blessed to have those type of people in our lives. Labor Day weekend was so great! I didn't realize how much I missed these girls until I put them on the plane Monday morning. God has taught me during the past few years the value of friendship and community. There are people He places in our lives that make us really want to be better- people who challenge us to do more and be right where we are. Thank you so much for coming to see us Sheri and Deva! Thanks for encouraging us to continue the race and live for His name's sake here in North Idaho.


  1. There are four different colleges represented in picture number two. Did you notice that?

  2. i noticed it.^

    aww i wanna live in the mountains. i miss yall. we made a new post.

    love yall!!!

  3. very cool, very cool...i love all your pictures, they're beautiful & tons of fun :-)

  4. Is that our old gril in the third picture? =-) Ah...we miss that old thing. Good memories. Did your steaks taste like lighter fluid?

  5. Know this: these ARE the "good ole days." Looks like a great weekend (I'm a little envious--ok, a LOT envious). Thanks for the link to the Giggle Spot--I enjoyed that, too!


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