Update, by the numbers

September has been a busy month. 

We've had three youth meetings now and averaged about 7.23 youth which is really great.  Most of the group is really young, 6th and 7th graders.  That means we are pretty short on maturity as a group.  But that also means that we have a great opportunity to impact some young Christians at one of the most formative times of thier lives!

We've had two life group meetings in our home.  We've averaged 7.5 people there, and during life group I have consumed an estimated total of 34 chocolate chip cookies.

I've been playing the bass in the church praise band for about 2 months now.

Its been 2 weeks since I heard from the Mormon Missionaries.

The temperature has been as low as 38 degrees already, but today it is in the low 60's.

The church attendence has been around 80 or 90.

I have helped people move 3 times in the past 3  weeks.  All local moves.

Things are going well here. The church is officially 1 year old.  It constituted on September 11, 2005.  We have applied and been accepted to officially become part of the Utah/Idaho Southern Baptist Convention.

The Future
Right now it is hard to know what the future will bring.  Our worship center can only hold about 20 more people.  It already feels crowded on most Sunday mornings.  We have property on which to build and some plans for a new building.  But the estimated cost of building is already over $600,000.  We've raised around $45,000 and have some more money pledged.  Pray that something would happen that would allow us to proceed with breaking ground on a much-needed new building that North Star could call its own.

In the near future, Jana and I have a pretty full calendar.  Next Sunday we will have a meeting with the parents of youth to discuss our vision for youth ministry and how families need to be involved.  Monday night we have a meeting with state staff about missions in our area.  Then in October we have a youth conference leading into our church-wide revival.  October 18-19 we are going to Richmond for some training with the IMB on how to mobilize local church folks for international missions.  Then October 23-25 we'll have the state convention down in Salt Lake.  THEN November is our month of missions celebration.  We are going to pack a year's worth of missions emphasis into one month.  It really should be pretty cool.  So keep coming back to see how it's going!  And please continue to pray for us.  Thank you so much for all the ways that you support and encourage us!


  1. how great, what a very helpful and informative update.

  2. Joan Baca Biloxi, Ms.9/25/2006 3:38 AM

    Bennett and Jana How wonderful ya'll are to undertake such a mission. Wishing ya'll all the very best ! Joanbacabiloxi@aol.com PS I worked for your Dad in Biloxi when u were born. I would only expect great things from a son of Dorajean and Bobby. I know they are very proud of your work keep up the good things u r doing. I will keep u in my prayers.


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