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Why do I keep harping?

From Bennett

HarpingMain Entry: 2harp
Function: intransitive verbDate: before 12th century
1 : to play on a harp
2 : to dwell on or recur to a subject tiresomely or monotonously —usually used with on


In my preaching, without trying, I am finding that I tend to dwell on and recur to some subjects to an extent that some may deem tiresome or monotonous. Two of those subjects are truths that I seem to never tire of expounding on. They are:
The Gospel is not the result of our works, our moralism, our righteousness, our fitness or even our doctrinal orthodoxy.The Gospel is not intended to produce our temporal comfort.Why do I keep coming back to that? One reason is that these are counter to myths that I myself used to believe. Even though I was taught that those who responded to the Gospel were saved because of God's love, in the back of my mind I really believed that there were stipulations to this agreement. As if the Gospel was thi…

That's My Face

(By Bennett)
That's my face. Really, that's what I look like. You may be thinking, "I've never seen a bigger lower lip on a white dude." Well, I just want you to know, because I care about used to be bigger.

That's really irrelevant. I just wanted you to have this image in your mind as you pray for me today. Right now, actually. As you read this I want you to pray. I don't feel greedy or selfish in asking you to pray for me. I'm not asking you to sacrifice anything. I'm asking you to speak to the Almighty God, and while you're at it, tell him I need him. It's a win win. If you are wondering what to pray for me today, here's a suggestion:

Pray that I would neither try to escape the difficulty
of God's task for me nor cling to the comfort of familiarity. Pray that
God's work in my life will have its full effect. Pray that as I represent Globe Outreach, NorthStar Church, our supporters, and Christ
our King, I w…