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Sermon Notes?

I don't take very good sermon notes, and I don't give very good sermon notes. But there has been an overwhelming response (1!) of people wanting the notes from the sermon I presented on Sunday. Here is what I can remember:

Series topic: Spiritual Warfare
Sermon Title: Attitude of Warfare
Key Scripture: Ephesians 6:12-13

Introduction - A really hilarious paintball story

Main Points
1. Our war is not against flesh and blood. Therefore we do not need to seek after worldly power.

2. Our war is against forces that are too much for us.
Evil can come from anywhere.

3. The armor of God is essential. It is not a convenience or a great help in battle. It is the only way we are to stand

Read Acts 7:54-60
Stephen's flesh and blood were defeated. But through his life, God was glorified.

Then I said some inspirational stuff about how God has designed men and women to be warriors--men attacking and women protecting. We all knelt and prayed for God to prepare us daily …

Preaching on Sunday

Hi everyone, I'm preaching on Sunday at NorthStar. Please pray as I share the word. Also pray for Scott our pastor as he travels to Mississippi this weekend.

another family visit

I like it when the weather gets nice here because then your family comes to visit. Too bad this trip was so so short. Dad, Amy, Luke, and Lane came on Friday afternoon and left on Sunday morning. We took them downtown CDA Friday night and walked on the world's longest boardwalk. On Sat. we flew to Oregon to see the Spuce Goose (world's largest plane). It was the world's best weekend.


Thank you!
I am just feeling very grateful today. I want to say thanks to all of you who have faithfully supported us in our ministry here through your prayers and gifts. I know you are following God's will and all, but for my part I am truly blessed to be where I am doing what I am doing.

NorthStar Students help plant a church?
Is that even possible? With God all things are possible. We've been planning our student summer camp in Challis, Idaho for several months now. It has taken an interesting turn. We had to idea to make it a ministry camp where the kids would go out during the day and do service projects in Challis. Well, this week some pastors from the churches that will be involved in the camp met and felt like Challis may be ripe for planting a church. So if all works out we will be the first step toward establishing a church in Challis. Please pray as we seek Gods will.

New Church in Post Falls?
Ok, so there's not a new church in Post Falls yet, but this summer we will…

What its all about

For those of you who have been praying for us, I wanted you to know that two people who have been coming to NorthStar for a few weeks gave their lives to Christ.

This Sunday a husband and wife who have been visiting publicly announced their decision to follow Christ. It was a wonderful confirmation of the work we are doing here and the power of prayer. Have a great day!

parents come to town

My parents came to town last week to help me celebrate my birthday and experience the Inland Northwest. We had a wonderful time of site-seeing and fellowshipping together. You should come next!

This photo is brought to you by Betty Crocker Pancake Mix and Florida's Natural Orange Juice, part of a complete and balanced breakfast. And bacon too...

We "hiked" up to this view of Beauty Bay.

Here we are sunning on the longest floating boardwalk in the world.

Dad discovered an old timey 3-D viewmaster

I fell a sleep.

The moose is loose.

A gorgeous day at Manito Park

Okay, so there was a bee flying by my ear at this exact moment. Seriously there was. I tried to be brave, but I flinched.

Japanese Garden in Manito Park

I was gazing at the reflecting pool to look at my inner self... I saw a large golden catfish.