parents come to town

My parents came to town last week to help me celebrate my birthday and experience the Inland Northwest. We had a wonderful time of site-seeing and fellowshipping together. You should come next!

This photo is brought to you by Betty Crocker Pancake Mix and Florida's Natural Orange Juice, part of a complete and balanced breakfast. And bacon too...

We "hiked" up to this view of Beauty Bay.

Here we are sunning on the longest floating boardwalk in the world.

Dad discovered an old timey 3-D viewmaster

I fell a sleep.

The moose is loose.

A gorgeous day at Manito Park

Okay, so there was a bee flying by my ear at this exact moment. Seriously there was. I tried to be brave, but I flinched.

Japanese Garden in Manito Park

I was gazing at the reflecting pool to look at my inner self... I saw a large golden catfish.


  1. Fun pictures. How cool to have walked on the longest floating boardwalk. Very interesting! Hope you had a great birthday.

  2. Your parents are fabulous looking. My how young they are. You are so lucky to have them. HEHEHEHE. WE had a great time. I agree. Everyone go see them. Love, Mom

  3. One picture of the inside of your house? Is that the best you can do????

  4. Sher, he does have more pics of the house interior, cause I took 'em! The most beautiful corner of the world I can imagine and some great folks, too! Ya'll exercise B&J's hospitality--it'll do ya good! We had a ball--thanks, Kids!


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