Sermon Notes?

I don't take very good sermon notes, and I don't give very good sermon notes. But there has been an overwhelming response (1!) of people wanting the notes from the sermon I presented on Sunday. Here is what I can remember:

Series topic: Spiritual Warfare
Sermon Title: Attitude of Warfare
Key Scripture: Ephesians 6:12-13

Introduction - A really hilarious paintball story

Main Points
1. Our war is not against flesh and blood. Therefore we do not need to seek after worldly power.

2. Our war is against forces that are too much for us.
Evil can come from anywhere.

3. The armor of God is essential. It is not a convenience or a great help in battle. It is the only way we are to stand

Read Acts 7:54-60
Stephen's flesh and blood were defeated. But through his life, God was glorified.

Then I said some inspirational stuff about how God has designed men and women to be warriors--men attacking and women protecting. We all knelt and prayed for God to prepare us daily for battle.

You can download the audio file below, I think. See if my notes match my sermon.


  1. Thanks Bennett :-) I am about to listen...

  2. what a great job! You are great! But then Mother always think you are great. Mom


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