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Car d'Alene

Back in June they had this thing called Car d' Alene, where a bunch of classic cars drove up and down the streets. It was way cool. I thought I'd share some with you. Feel free to identify all of the cars if you have the skills...

Summer Camp

6 hours + 6 passengers + 1 white truck = Road Trip

Idaho Summer Storms

Living Waters Ranch

4th of July Parade

Break-time at the worksite

Roofing 101

"welcome home bush family, welcome home"

If we could hear people's prayers

I've been catching up on work since I got back to camp, clearing my desk and whatnot. I ran across a stack of interesting papers. During the Ironman weekend we set up a little mailbox in the Athlete's Village for people to put their prayer request in. Here's a couple of examples:

Patricia P from Columbus Ohio (race number) 2598
Pray for a safe journey to the finish and 'clean' results on the MRI when I return to Columbus!
Breast Cancer Survivor"

#2413 (no name given)
"Calm the waves or calm the child"

Mike T from Hayden
"Help!!! First time Ironman!!"

I bet God really enjoys our prayers.

Challis Changers: Summer Camp '07

Last week Jana and I loaded up my truck with four of our students and drove seven hours to Challis, Idaho to participate in Challis Changers. What? You've never heard of Challis Changers? That's because we made it up. Yeah it's a cheap rip-off of World Changers, but no other name would seem to stick. Plus the whole alliteration thing was irresistible.

Here, in brief, is the story of how Challis Changers came to be.
Back in the dark and dreary winter months Jana and I were dreaming of a sunnier time. A time when the sun would not be covered by cold gray clouds. We were thinking about summer camp. Jana grew up on a steady diet of Student Life, and I am a Fuge poster child. But, they weren't offering any summer camps near our location. (Although, I have heard that Centrifuge has a traveling team somewhere in our vicinity, but they sure didn't advertise it.)

Anyway, left to our own devices we found ONE camp facility in Idaho that could meet our needs that wasn&#…