If we could hear people's prayers

I've been catching up on work since I got back to camp, clearing my desk and whatnot. I ran across a stack of interesting papers. During the Ironman weekend we set up a little mailbox in the Athlete's Village for people to put their prayer request in. Here's a couple of examples:

Patricia P from Columbus Ohio (race number) 2598
Pray for a safe journey to the finish and 'clean' results on the MRI when I return to Columbus!
Breast Cancer Survivor"

#2413 (no name given)
"Calm the waves or calm the child"

Mike T from Hayden
"Help!!! First time Ironman!!"

I bet God really enjoys our prayers.


  1. that's a really funny thought...you're right...i bet God does enjoy our prayers.

    That's a real creative idea to incorporate into your ministry with Iron Man. I like it.


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