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Fall is Here

here are some pics for your enjoyment. the pot at the end of the rainbow

dad and teresa came to visit us in sept.

we made a new flower bed in the back yard. a friend in our life group gave me irises to plant.

see you at the pole- charter academy

the corn maze at carver farms

women's conference in spokane WA

picking out the best pumkin

as you can see- we've been enjoying ourselves. please pray for us as we go this weekend to a marriage conference at the CDA resort. campus crusade puts it on, and pastors and wives get to go free.

In case you missed this article

USA Today says that Idaho is where it's at.

House Pics for Gwen

I got around to cleaning the house a few weeks ago and took some pictures. I want to paint some this winter. Any color suggestions?


I was looking back through the months of this blog and realized I've seen a bunch of amazing stuff in the year that I've lived here. If you haven't in a while take some time to look back through the blog to see what God has done and the sights we've seen!

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God Invites!
Message Notes
Text: Ephesians 2:1-10
Key Verse: “But God, being rich in mercy, because of His great Love with which He loved us, even when we were dead in our transgressions, made us alive together with Christ.”

Review the Truths so Far
God is at Work.God Pursues.God Invites!
The Ephesians 2 Story
The Setting: Verse 1. We were dead. Human kind without Christ is dead. Without hope. Without the ability to change their own situation. The dead cannot talk to or hear from the living because they are dead.
Death Row Illustration.

The Hero: Verse 4 "But God..." Enter the hero. He is rich in mercy, He has great love for us, even though we are dead in our sin against him.
Stop and think about God. Paul mentions mercy and love, but have you considered.

Immutable Characteristics: Things that we cannot really conceive about God.
He is Independent. He is not "served by human hands, as though he needed anything" Acts 17:25, Paul
He is Unchangeable. "Of …

United, Invited, Excited

The Unite conference went well. We took 7 students and 4 adults. I don't know how many were there total; I heard the number 800 tossed around, but this is unofficial. I taught two breakout sessions on missions. The first one was open only to High School Students and the room was packed with about 45 or more students. The second one was open to all and I had about 7 7th graders. ?? The adult breakouts included talks from Bo Boshers and Laurie Polich. Both are nationally renowned authors and speakers. Jana will have to testify on the merits of their sessions. I was gratified by the fact that the final message given by Mark Moder at the conclusion of the conference sounded like he was preaching the material from my class. In other words we were on the same page and God definitely had a specific message to share with these students.
I should also mention that we went to Silverwood Theme Park and people made fun of me for being dressed too warmly, but I felt quite comfy in t…

Updates for your prayerful consideration

This weekend we are taking our students to the Unite conference. Pray that they and our adult leaders will hear from God.

I am leading a couple of the breakout sessions at the Unite conference. I'm teaching on Missions and how teenagers can be involved.

Sunday I am preaching. My sermon will be the third in a series we are doing on 7 Truths from Experiencing God.

Our pastor is starting the second half of his mission trip in Nepal. He is trekking in difficult terrain witnessing to villagers and Buddhist monks and encouraging believers along the way.

They have begun site preparation on our church property!