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Building Update

The building is going up so fast, I haven't even had time to
update! I'll go get some current pictures and post them soon. Until then
I can let you know that volunteers from North Carolina are putting
sheet rock up inside, and the siding is going up outside. This is only
our 5th volunteer team and we have 9 more groups coming to work.
We are still praying for God to continue to provide the resources
for the completion of this project. This year we have already raised
over $46,000 dollars for the building fund. I am praying that God will
provide an additional $54,000 by the end of the build, and that we will
have unexpected savings on material, labor, and permits. I admit that
both of those things would be miracles. But how exciting it would be for
God to bless us with a new building debt free!
Please be in prayer for our church as we push through this project
during the busiest time of year for most families. Summer is usually
when people choose to travel and enjoy all there is…