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Glacier Vacationing

Here are some pics from our first family vacation (excluding our honeymoon) to Glacier National Park. We had an incredible time enjoying the beauty of God's creation and each other! L was quite the trooper on our hikes, but she was being carried most of the way.

Thanks Jensen family for letting us tag along and taking us to some of the most beautiful spots we've ever seen. And thanks Barlow family for letting us borrow your pack- hope the cowgirl cocoa is yummy!

Road Trip

We're headed east for a few days with a sweet family from our church. Going to do a little vacationing, a little relaxing, and a little hiking in one of the most gorgeous parts of America. Be back soon!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my sweet mom's birthday. We were able to celebrate a little early when she was here a few weeks ago. Thank you Mom for being such an incredible example to me of godliness, faith in Christ, and sacrificial love. We love you very much and hope you have a wonderful day.

*Three Years

June 10 will be the *Third Anniversary of this blog. I think this is a great time to go back and glance over posts from the past. I've been doing that. Its a lot of fun. Boy have things changed in those three years! We have been through a lot. Of course, we were expecting a lot. We expect to see God do a lot more!

*EDIT Evidently, I cannot count to four. It's only been three years.

South MS meets Idaho

My mom and step-dad came to visit us last week. Here are some pictures from their time in Idaho. The weather was amazing, so we attempted to get outside as much as possible. We also tried to convince them that it's always sunny and 70 degrees here year round- kinda like San Diego.

We took them to some of our favorite spots (Beauty Bay, Lake Pend Oreille, the CDA Lake Cruise, NorthStar Church, and Book Babies at the library). We also took them to some new spots (Cataldo Mission, Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, the Snake Pit, and Wolf Lodge).

Sometimes I complain to Bennett how we need a vacation. His reply is always, "Our life is a vacation." Well on weeks like this past one I would have to agree.

Wisdom tooth surgery

A few moments ago I woke up from surgery. I don't rember a thing
after the doctor giving me drugs. Everything is good so far.