South MS meets Idaho

My mom and step-dad came to visit us last week. Here are some pictures from their time in Idaho. The weather was amazing, so we attempted to get outside as much as possible. We also tried to convince them that it's always sunny and 70 degrees here year round- kinda like San Diego.

We took them to some of our favorite spots (Beauty Bay, Lake Pend Oreille, the CDA Lake Cruise, NorthStar Church, and Book Babies at the library). We also took them to some new spots (Cataldo Mission, Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes, the Snake Pit, and Wolf Lodge).

Sometimes I complain to Bennett how we need a vacation. His reply is always, "Our life is a vacation." Well on weeks like this past one I would have to agree.


  1. What a fun time!! I always love it when you get to make great memories with family.They are the best times.. How was the snake pit?? Heard great things but never tried it :) Great pictures!!


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