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Book Club

This summer our ladies at NorthStar are going to meet a park and have a book club.

We need your suggestions. What's the greatest book you have ever read that would make a good book to discuss while watching our children play at the park?

Love Your Neighbor

Pastor Gary has started his preaching ministry at NorthStar with a series on the 5 Great Commandments.  The sermon on "Love your neighbor" started out as one sermon, but has been divided into three (so far).  Each week Gary brings a new perspective on how we look at God and how we look at ourselves in light of what God has done for us. 

I've been very busy working with Tom and Gary discussing, praying and trying to work out what the next phase in the life of NorthStar will look like.  I have to say, it is very exciting and a little overwhelming.  Again we are stepping out into uncharted territory.  Just as we did when we moved,  just as we did when I took on the preaching at NorthStar, and now transitioning to a new pastor.  Each of these things have been "game changers" in my life.

The funny thing is God knows that I'm not a big fan of change.  I can imagine He gets a kick out of seeing me squirm (needlessly) each time a major twist comes my way.  Then down…

Thank You Thank You

Don't I look good on my new bike.

I can defy gravity.

Not all of the time.

Off roading.

Now I'm ready to go explore the mountains.

Thanks everyone who helped make this birthday gift possible.

weekend thrift store finds



I am an uncle! Fourth time...

My sister delivered her fourth child this afternoon. Congratulations
Garner family on your new baby boy!mobile

Our Tulips are Blooming


the big 30

We celebrated Bennett's birthday this weekend. When he was 3 years old he had a cookie monster cake, and we thought it was only appropriate to have one for the big 30! Our sweet and talented neighbor created it herself.

L's friends enjoyed her new swing set we purchased on Craigslist for yes $30. And the fabulous purchase was made in West Point, MS. How it ever made it to North Idaho we will never know.

Don't worry we didn't make him do all of the grilling.

And even the big kids enjoyed a little swinging.

The Pot o Gold

On the way back from Sandpoint we saw a double rainbow on the lake.
We could see the entire thing from end to end. It was pretty cool!

Down by the river

This weekend we enjoyed some time down by the river. Our new pastor told us about a park he found so we thought we would check it out too. Speaking of our new pastor, today we had a wonderful time of teaching with him on the "Anatomy of a Christian." Tonight we'll be heading back for NorthStar's 2nd Annual Extravaganza (our talent show).

I've also been experimenting with L's hair. What do you think about this do? Everyone at church today complimented on it!