Love Your Neighbor

Pastor Gary has started his preaching ministry at NorthStar with a series on the 5 Great Commandments.  The sermon on "Love your neighbor" started out as one sermon, but has been divided into three (so far).  Each week Gary brings a new perspective on how we look at God and how we look at ourselves in light of what God has done for us. 

I've been very busy working with Tom and Gary discussing, praying and trying to work out what the next phase in the life of NorthStar will look like.  I have to say, it is very exciting and a little overwhelming.  Again we are stepping out into uncharted territory.  Just as we did when we moved,  just as we did when I took on the preaching at NorthStar, and now transitioning to a new pastor.  Each of these things have been "game changers" in my life.

The funny thing is God knows that I'm not a big fan of change.  I can imagine He gets a kick out of seeing me squirm (needlessly) each time a major twist comes my way.  Then down the road God and I can look back together and grin.  Its like when my daughter gets older we'll look back at home videos and laugh about how she used to cry when we fed her.  It was silliness on her part, but something she had to go through.  In the same way I fret over big changes in my life, all the while knowing that God is thrilled at what I'm going to do next.


  1. Sometimes the butterflies and apprehension can be empowering? New horizons always call for new perspectives, colored by all we've seen and experienced up to now. And you're so right about the "look-back"'s fun to see how things all came together. Sometimes you can actually read the map after you've made the journey.....

  2. It is also amazing to me how God likes to watch us squirm in his sense of humor he somehow thinks it is funny. :) He is always good to us though and even though it is uncomfortable for me it is funny how when I look back and grin I am amazed at how he had me grow and take on things that were way bigger and better than me!! :)


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