How to Grow a Big Potato

You'll never guess what site comes up in the top three or so when you Google "how to grow a big potato".

Well, since you are here you probably would guess it. I'm sorry that we don't have any information about growing potatoes. I don't know how to do that.

Please pray for us as we plan for our 2007 Disciples Now.
We are really emphasizing a devotion to scripture for the next few months as a church and as a youth group. For the next 5 weeks we are exploring how hearing God speak changes your life. We are looking at examples (strangely enough) from the Bible.

Then our Dnow is focused on the why's and how's of the discipline of scripture study. Most of our youth are young and really ready to start growing in their faith. Pray that they will take this part of their lives seriously.

Our Life Group is studying 1 Peter. We plan to go all the way through 2 Peter. It is going very good. We are currently praying about how God wants us to launch another Life Group from ours. We have 14 people. We cannot fit comfortably in our apt. or in any of our homes. We can't even invite more people. We are temporarily meeting in our apartment's club house while we pray for direction over the next few weeks. What a great problem to have!

Also pray for the overall ministry of the church. This year we are focusing on improving in a few areas. We want to build up our Men's ministry, which hasn't really been organized until this year. We want to integrate prayer into every area of the church. We want to develop a discipleship process to help every member progress in his or her walk with Christ. We want every member to find a way to serve in the church or in the community. We want to have an Acts 1:8 impact.

Those are our goals. What a difference it could make if we excell in all of those areas! Please pray that we and other churches in our area will do just that. May the Kingdom of Christ advance!


  1. Jana,

    I got your card today! It could not come at a better time! Watch for something in the mail from me. Love you my friend.

  2. It is nice to see that your efforts are being rewarded. I hope things continue to go well up there.


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