Ministry Update

First, I must tell you that I had a wonderfully written post prepared for you. I was halfway through crafting a witty, insightful missive when we blew the breaker. We don't know why we blew a breaker. It just sometimes kicks off. This happens pretty regularly now. Each time it makes our pastor start grumbling things about getting a new building and our worship pastor wonders when one of us will be electrocuted.

Now, I must tell you that it is 14 degrees Farenheight and it is lightly snowing. But I am inside at a comfortable 67.


  1. hey bennett and jana...this is john michael george. my wife, jessi, and i are on staff now with globe and are going to be moving to east asia soon (just in case for some reason you didn't know that already.) anywho, i am working on a new website for globe and i was looking for a picture of you guys and came across your blog and just wanted to write and say hello. hope you guys are doing well and maybe we'll get to meet sometime soon. take care.
    in His grip,

  2. it's a warm 84 hear today.

    i could take some below freezing :-)

  3. Yeah Yeah that is the excuse I use when I don't do something I should. The electric went off and lost it. HEEHEHE!!!!


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