I have to tell you

I hate to complain or beat a dying horse. But I have to report to you that I woke up this morning with three more inches of snow in my yard. That's right, it is April 15 and we have snow. The painful thing about this is that we had two or three days of spring weather then BAM! its cold. It was so warm on Saturday that I worked up a sweat in the yard just raking up snow mold. SNOW MOLD! It develops when your grass stays cold and wet too long as in when it is covered with snow for 5 straight months.

I don't know where they get their information but www.fyinorthidaho.com reported on March 30:

Spring in North Idaho arrived with more record snow storms. In the Coeur d'Alene area, over 160" of the white stuff has fallen this year breaking the previous record of 124.2" in 1915-1916.

So I'm happy now that we have the record. No more for us thank you. We'll have some more of that nice spring weather if its all the same. That'd be great.


  1. You should totally visit www.fyi-itdoesn'treallysnowintexassomaybeyoushouldmoveback.com

    : )

  2. Sorry for the snow woes - but just think, you have gorgeous lakes and sky during the summer and that's coming for you guys soon, right???

  3. take the hint and move south. Mom


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