a few things you might not know about my husband

he preaches using the notes on his i phone

when i'm gone for the weekend he eats marshmellows, granola, and peanut butter (that's all!)

he still fits in his tux from college band and wore it tonight to church

he makes me very proud to be his wife


  1. i-Phone, that's impressive. I just learned how to save a phone number on my mobile phone a few weeks ago.

    I will want to add marshmellow to Renee's shopping list the next time she is gone for a few days.

    Anyone that can fit anything from from college days is a hero of mine.

    I enjoy reading what's going on up north. I'm praying for you guys as the arrival date approaches.

  2. At the risk of correcting my elders (and my wife) I think it is spelled "marshmallows."

  3. lol, I do believe you are right.


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