NorthStar Extravaganza

Sunday night we had
our first ever NorthStar Extravaganza. No one new our church was so
talented. This was a variety show of sorts. We had Nate and Elena doing
a skit with only their upside down chins showing. We had a group of
ladies recreating the Pirates who Don't Do Anything music
video. We had the advanced musical talents of both Sean and Rochelle
Sydney. Travis, the singer/songwriter, performed two of his originals,
with Tom on keyboard and Sean on drums.

The preschool was well represented by Carson and Caeden singing Jesus Love Me. Then Gayle and Conrad, two of our special needs kids both sang. Gayle sang Row Row Row Your Boat and kept giving her parents a thumbs up with a huge smile! Conrad sang Blessed Be the Name of the Lord. It is hard to explain how touching these two performances were. I guess you'd have to know Gayle and Conrad.

favorite was Fondra's crowd participation. She got four church members
to stuff as many marshmallows in their mouth as possible then recite
"chubby bunny" to the cheers of the crowd. Also in the for humor's sake
category was my performance of the Eagle Song. I don't know how to describe that, so you'll have to get someone else to. Of course there was much more to the evening, but there's a taste for you.

conclusion, we were all reminded that being together can be a lot of
fun. Maybe that why God designed the church the way he did. So we could
have an excuse to be together often. Let's make the most of those times!


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