Welcome to February

It's already month two in 2007! Here's some of what's going on.

We are planning and preparing for our biggest youth event yet- Disciple Now 2007. Please be praying for the students and leaders as we go into this event. We've been studying about how the Bible is God's story and how hearing it inevitably changes your life one way or the other. The DNow will be the culmination of this emphasis. The Theme is Clarity: Understanding God's Word. We hope to instill a love and passion for studying and applying the Bible to our lives.

This all happens on Feb. 16-18. Please ask God to work among the hearts and minds of our students and leaders.

Our church has adopted a year-long focus on five areas. The pastor has asked us to do 5 things, "Invest and Invite; Read Your Bible; Have a Friend, Be a Friend; Start Serving; and Do the Next Right Thing." The idea is that if every person in the church is focusing on these areas the church cannot help but grow toward being a more healthy and vibrant community of believers.

Some of the areas we want to improve on this year are: Prayer, Men's Ministry, Missions, Discipleship (growing every believer), and Service (every member serving in the church or in the community).

As you can see we have set some high expectations. I hope you realize that this church would not have made it this far without the many prayers of the saints (that's you and others like you). We also recognize that we will not advance without the prayers of many faithful people.

For my part, please pray that my faith will grow. Pray that I will be an example to the people of NorthStar. That I will be an active part of the community. That I will build meaningful relationships with my coworkers (church staff), church members, other Christians in the community, and lost people whom I encounter.

Pictures coming soon


  1. pHey, I am in West Plains, MO with Griny and Pop. Griny says to tell you that she will pray for you each night before she goes to bed. I am going to print out your request and mail to her. I have finally gotten to see some snow but I wish it had waited to I got home. HEHEEHHE!!! Love you lots Mom


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