baby sanderson

Baby is a she according to our ultrasound lady yesterday. It has been an exciting week. I started to feel her move- or more like feeling a bubble rolling around in my belly. The doctor said everything was right on schedule. Trudi- our ultrasound lady said she had good calf muscles too!

I told Bennett that it seems more real after knowing it's a girl and feeling her move around. We are so blessed by this gift God has given us. I started thinking about my mom last night, and I remembered how she would tell me that I was God's child and how I had been given to her for just a short time. We've got an exciting road ahead of us.

So now we just get to choose a name. Any suggestions?


  1. Well, I always suggest Amy when I hear someone is having a girl. It's a great name. Congrats.

  2. See its a girl. Dora Sue would be perfect. I bet Sue would agree with me. Mom

  3. No name suggestions, just BIG congratulations!! Girls are the best!! Much love to you all from the Hanberry GIRLS!!


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