Acts 1

If they'd had text messaging in the first century...

Ptr: Big Mtg @ Zchra’s house 4 lunch tomorrow

Andrew: What’s up?

Ptr: Not sure, but everybody’s gonna be there. He’s got something major to share.

Andrew: Its about time. Everything’s turned out better than expected, but what now?

Ptr: I’ve got a weird feeling. He’s been “finishing” things again if you know what I mean.
: You mean like before Jerusalem? What do you think he’s planning?

Ptr: I can’t get a thing out of him, but it seems like he’s been preparing us for something. He’s been asking me some weird questions ever since the day on the beach.

Andrew: I’ll never forget that breakfast! What kind of questions?

Ptr: He keeps asking me if I remember the things he did. He want’s me to retell the same stories over and over again. Its almost like he doesn’t remember.

Andrew: Weird. Maybe he doesn’t want you to forget. He introduced me to some new believers as, “Pastor Andrew”. last night.

Ptr: He’s been doing that to me too. Makes me feel strange, but when he touches my shoulder and speaks to me I feel like a centurion. I would lead anyone into battle for him.

Andrew: LOL! I don’t think that’s what he’s planning!

Ptr: But you know what I mean? Whatever this is leading to, I have no fear, no doubts, no reservations. This is going to change the world forever, and we get to be a part of it.

Andrew: I feel the same way, but even now I don’t see HOW. The last month has been great, but this can’t go on forever. Can it? Maybe that’s what the meeting is about.

Ptr: It will be 40 days tomorrow. You’re right. This must be the next phase. Let’s tell everybody to be well prepared. Bring extra food and supplies in case.

Andrew: In case of WHAT?

Ptr: In case tomorrow is the DAY! Call be crazy, but maybe tomorrow the Kingdom will be restored.

Andrew: Let’s see, what to pack for Kingdom restoration...????

Ptr: Haha! Just put on some clean underwear for a change. That’s about all we can expect from a son of a fisherman I guess ;-)

Andrew: You should know! I’ll just be glad if you wash the goat cheese out of your beard. Seriously, you’re scaring the children with that thing.

Ptr: You are jealous. I wonder what dad would think about all this.

Andrew: The Lord knows. Well, maybe tomorrow we’ll understand more what this all means.

Ptr: Yeah. Let’s meet early at the market. We can discuss it before lunch.

Andrew: Sounds good. See you by Sarah’s candle stand just after sunrise.

Ptr: I’ll be there bro.


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