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When I am preparing for a sermon I sometimes just start writing speculative essays to get the creative juices flowing. I thought I would share this along with the previous two posts. Thanks for indulging me. Perhaps it will inspire you to write some of your own...


By now you’ve probably heard about the terrestrial events from yesterday. Most of you have been busy with HIS reception and the establishment of the Holy Ministry of the Light.  When you get a chance you should catch up on the story of HIS exodus from the earth. You can get a good play-by-play from Lucious’ post from last night. We both had a ring-side seat, and even got to be a part of the action.

I won’t retell the story, but I would like to give my thoughts on what happened. Of course, all of us knew part of the story before it happened. We’ve been gazing at it for all of eternity. But what we didn’t get to know until now is what part the humans would really play in all of this. What amazing creatures the Father has created! Oh, I wish all of you could have been there to see their reactions and hear their thoughts.

One thing that blows me away is how surprised they were. They knew what was going to happen as well as any of us do, but they convinced themselves that what they knew wasn’t real. It’s a weakness they have that is part of the FALL I suppose, but it leads to all kinds of interesting situations that we just don’t get to (have to?) experience. I sensed that they knew in their hearts exactly what HE was about to do. Each one of them suppressed that knowledge and convinced themselves that the REALITY was impossible. As HE proceeded (it is always enthralling to watch him taking part in TIME) for the life of me I don’t know how HE kept a straight face. HE calmly talked to them as if it were any other day. HE joked and smiled and hugged and shook hands all around the way humans do. All the while HE was about to shake their world again. HE patiently listened to their questions with tenderness and concern that only HE could show. Brothers, any one of us would have drawn a sword of destruction upon these just for having the gall to appear before HIM in such a way. HE was with them as if it took no effort.

Anyway, when his moment came HE gave them the final word then up up up HE went. Even in the way HE left them HE shielded them from the full glory of the event. I was expecting a flash of burning light with a thunderous boom that would have left them with some singed beards and ringing eardrums. Instead HE simply appeared to float up into “Heaven” until HE was hidden “by a cloud”. As if those vapors could dim his glory in the least or mere distance would in any way remove his presence!

The men and women just stood there looking up. HA! If I had not been in awe of his glory I would have been incapacitated with laughter over the look of their faces. It was humorous and beautiful to me because they were experiencing a revelation of the TRUTH that deep down they already knew. Even then HE was reversing the deception they’ve been subject to so long. Finally, the HE made them aware of us. They saw us as men wearing white, and yes, they really do find this most impressive :-).  When we spoke to them as directed (we were not allowed to laugh) it was hard to suppress a smirk. Oh, People of Heaven, imagine getting to share with the humans a glimpse of that story that we already know--the Ancient Story written in the Song of the King that holds all things. Imagine getting to share with that mysterious race a hint about the TRUTH that is absolutely obvious to all of us. It was a joyful moment for me made no less so by the fact that even then they tried to convince themselves that what they were experiencing was impossible.

I can’t wait to see what happens when the GIFT is given! Glory to GOD in the Highest!


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