Praise Report

NorthStar has been approved for a loan to cover the construction of a new building! If you've been following our story you know that this has been a long time coming, and it is a major blessing. This means that construction can begin (barring any surprise setbacks) in a week or two. This means that volunteer teams that are planning on arriving in early May will actually have something to work on. This means that we could be worshiping in our new building by September...of THIS YEAR!

Our church decided to seek this loan as a means of making the best use of volunteer labor to accomplish this build quickly and cheaply without delays due to a lack of cash. Our desire is to raise as much of the construction costs as possible before construction is complete, thus avoiding a large mortgage. When construction is complete we plan to move out of our rented facility as quickly as possible so that our lease expenses can go to cover any remaining monthly payments from the loan. As you can imagine, it is an exciting and yet stressful time for us as we try to navigate this process with wisdom and diligence.

Please pray four our church, the building team, my family, and others involved in this process. Most urgently, pray that the city of Hayden will not find any further reason for delay in granting us the permit to build!

Oh, and if you've been wanting to join us in this project by contributing financially, but weren't sure when would be the best time to do so--Now would be a great time! Go to to see the best way to give.


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