Apartment Ministry

We've been praying and seeking ways to minister to some of the thousands of people in multifamily housing in our area. It hasn't taken long for us to get connected to an apartment complex where one of our members lives. Our ladies took the first step by hosting a Christmas party for the residents. Now or men are hosting a Super Bowl party. As a result of organizing these events I've now met all of the apt. management staff (I think) and built a good working relationship with them. They are great people and seem to like us!

After initiating this work I was surprised to find out that a man and his wife had been praying for a church to reach out to these apartments! God has already been paving the way for us and perhaps been waiting for us to follow his direction for a while now. In any case, our next step is to start a Bible study for ladies meeting in the apt. club room. Assuming no problems it will begin next Thursday.

  • Please pray for a continued good relationship with the staff, and that we can be an actual benefit to that property as well as the people we are seeking to minister to.
  • Please pray that people who need to hear the Gospel will have a chance to hear and respond through this relationship.
  • Please pray for wisdom that we won't unintentionally or unnecessarily offend anyone in this culture that is ultra sensitive to being "proselytized".
  • Please pray for more opportunities to reach pockets of lostness in our city and our region.


  1. Reading this post makes me excited for what you are doing! Thank you for sharing this. I will pray for this!


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